Compost / Fertilizers

3Sixty Compost range

The 3Sixty range of products is specifically formulated & essential in providing nutrition and diversity in microbial life to restore soil life and soil health. They use only the best available resources to produce their products ensuring that they build soil biology. They have a complete range of biological fertility products to get you working with nature.

NutriCAST (biohumus) – is a natural organic fertilizer. It is a natural means for recultivation of the soil. NutriCAST is capable of bringing back life to degraded ground and significantly increase fertility of soil. Research has shown that by incorporating Vermicast into soil or plant growth production it can significantly increase yields and has also shown disease suppressive qualities.

3Sixty Nutricast

Your lawn is a little like a bear: it wakes up hungry in the spring. Take the right approach to fertilizing in spring, and you set your lawn up for a whole season of great growth.

Fine sifted to provide your lawn with a “lift” of the correct N-P-K for the spring.

3Sixty lawn dressing takes care of undulation in the lawn and the compost acts as a booster for grass growth.

  • High in nutritional value – Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and Micro Nutrients

  • Provide food for your garden

  • provides the heart of the soil by ‘glueing’ the soil particles into – stable porous structures

  • Water Retention in the soil

  • providing and holding nutrients in an available form for your plants

  • supporting soil life – bacteria, fungi and worms

Lawn Dressing

A high nutritional value of fully organic compost.

  • High Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphate levels in the 3Sixty compost they select only the best organic materials to produce a quality product

  • The 3Sixty premium organic compost is professionally produced at optimal conditions, being with sufficient aeration and water.

  • They have a passion for healthy living and we take great care in producing the highest quality product

  • Adding compost to your garden is the same as giving your garden food and hence a boost to healthy growth

  • Once 3Sixty compost is added to your garden soil the plant will have access to additional and readily available nutrients that are required for a healthy plant.

3Sixty Comost

The easiest way to grow beautiful plants! 3Sixty premium organic potting mix is made from premium quality, renewable and sustainable resources. 3Sixty pottingmix will maintain peak condition without compaction providing good structure and aeration for strong root growth ensuring your potted plants have the best possible growing environment.

3Sixty Potting Soil