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Hedge Trimmers
Stihl HSE 42.jpg

Stihl HSE42 Electric Hedge Trimmer

 Light and handy electric hedge trimmer, ideal for quiet trimming 

  • Cutting length 45cm

  • Output power 420W

  • Laser-cut diamond-ground blades

Stihl HS45.jpg

Stihl HS45 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Light introductory model for garden trimming

  • Blade length 45cm

  • 0.75kW performance

  • Double sided blades


Stihl HLE71 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Provides a large working range and is suitable for vertical cutting at a distance from the hedge

  • Cutting length 50cm

  • Output power 600W

  • Soft grip handle


Stihl HSE61 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Quiet and powerful electric hedge trimmer 

  • Cutting length 50cm

  • Output power 460W

  • Laser-cut diamond-ground blades

STIHL HS82R60.jpg

Stihl HS82R60 Electric Hedge Trimmer

Professional tool with lower blade speed for more powerful cutting

  • Cutting length 60cm

  • 0.70kW performance

  • Double sided blades 


Stihl HL94 Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

For professional work on high hedges and use near the ground

  • Cutter bar adjustable by 145 degrees

  • 0.90kW performance
  • STIHL Ergostart

*For our full range of Stihl Hedge Trimmers, please visit us in store or contact us directly 

husq 2.jpg

Husqvarna 122HD60 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

A low noised and light weight hedge trimmer for domestic use

  • Cutting length 59cm

  • Output power 0.60kW

  • Smart Start® and adjustable rear handle


Husqvarna 525HE4 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

High reach pole hedge trimmer designed for professional users.

  • Cutting length 60cm

  • Output power 1.0kW

  • 135° angle adjustment

*For our full range of Husqvarna Hedge Trimmers, please visit us in store or contact us directly 

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