Drills & Augers


143AE15 Earth Auger

Husqvarna 143AE15 is a powerful and robust earth auger, perfect for drilling holes for fence poles, planting trees etc.

  • Displacement 41.5 cm³ 

  • Power output: 1.47 W 

  • Fuel tank volume: 0.9

  • Idling speed: 2500 rpm


BT131 Earth Auger

Designed with a low vibration handle which reduces user fatigue for longer usage.

  • Displacement 36.3 cm³ 

  • Power output: 1.4 W 

  • Idling speed: 200 rpm

BT360 Earth Auger

Two-Man Earth Auger for a large variety of tasks in commercial construction and agricultural markets.

  • Displacement 60.3 cm³ 

  • Power output: 2.9 W 

  • Idling speed: 50 rpm